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Homogeniser drive unit, schuett homgenplus

Homogeniser drive unit, schuett homgenplus

Homogeniser drive unit, schuett homgenplus

Potter Elvehjem & Dounce. Safe homogenisation without much effort, for gentle digestion of biological samples and tough, difficult to homogenize material, so that a high proportion of intact cell nuclei can be isolated.
  • Large stability, vibration-free due to robust 3-fold stand construction
  • 4-digit display for reproducible homogenisation
  • Easy handling
  • Steplessly adjustable, electronic speed control from 40 - 3000 min-1
  • High torque drive, powerful even at low speeds
  • Flexible use
  • Large selection of conical and cylindrical homogenizers and pestle (PTFE, glass and also glass fibre reinforced)
  • Tubes with volumes from 1.5 to 40 ml and outer diameters from 10 to 40 mm can be used
  • Use of Eppendorf® microreaction vessels with 1.5 ml possible
  • Chuck with hollow shaft for quick and easy pestle change and the use of different shaft lengths and diameters
  • For optimum cooling, the cooling vessel can be filled with ice or ice water

Supplied with: schuett homgenplus homogeniser drive unit with universal keyless chuck, incl. cooling vessel, 1000 ml and universal chuck set (consisting of 6 sizes).

We also offer a sterile alternative for use in a glove box and with infectious material. Details on request.
(W x D x H)
PKCat. No.
schuett homgenplus, 230 V300 x 350 x 88819.651 560
 Quick-change chuck for glass pestle-19.651 564

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