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Disposable Gloves AccuTech® 91-250, latex

Disposable Gloves AccuTech® 91-250, latex
EN ISO 374-1
Type B
EN 374_1
EN ISO 374-5
EN 374_3
EN 420
EN 420

Disposable Gloves AccuTech® 91-250, latex

AccuTech® 91-250 has an inner silicone coating that facilitates easy donning and double-gloving. The cuff is slightly thicker, nicely fitting over the garment. The 91-250 glove is comprised of a specific formulation of latex that provides increased flexibility and elasticity. The glove's thinner fingertips, combined with the bisque finish, provide greater sensitivity, increased handling precision and dexterity. Suitable for cleanroom class ISO 5.
Color: Natural
  • Powder-Free
  • AQL of 1,0
  • Cat. III

Packaging: The glove is packaged one pair per poly wallet, sealed in a poly envelope; 10 pairs per sealed polybag; 5 sealed polybags per master polybag; 4 master polybags per lined carton; 200 pairs per carton. All packaging is printed with cleanroom-compatiblle IPA-resistant ink. The gloves are triple-bagged for superior contamination control. The polybags have an easy-tear opening

According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B, EN ISO 374-5:2016, EN 420
PKCat. No.
 63002004.665 389
 6,53002004.665 395
 73002004.665 390
 7,53002004.665 391
 83002004.665 392
 8,53002004.665 393
 93002004.665 394

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