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Flake ice makers with / without reservoir, air-cooled

Flake ice makers with / without reservoir, air-cooled

Flake ice makers with / without reservoir, air-cooled

Manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001. For preparing solid and saturated ice flakes of hygienic, 0.5°C cold ice. With eletronic control of the ice temperature. The units have a stainless steel housing and an antimicrobial coated interior. Air-cooled versions, with cleaning indication.
  • MF models without reservoir (please order separately).
  • AF models without drain pump. Equipped with a UV lamp to reduce the infestation of bacteria and viruses in the machine and in the water circuit.
  • EF models standard with drain pump. The drain pump allows an installation or set-up without any drainage height or distance problems. Place your ice maker just where it is needed even lower than the actual drain outlet (can be up to 1.70m higher). Distance to drain outlet up to 15 meters. Drain can be placed up to 1.70 higher.
  • 2 year warranty.

Scope of supply: Flake ice maker, 1 x scoop

Also available with water-cooled compressor. Alternative models availlable on request. A specially built model for laboratory-grade water is available on request.
kg/24 hrs.
up to kg
PKCat. No.
Ice flake maker AF 80 XSafe733402553562089019.580 006
Ice flake maker AF 103 XSafe12055030592622107819.580 040
 Ice flake maker AF 124 XSafe1225104095060587219.580 041
 Ice flake maker AF156 XSafe16059060950605108319.580 042
 Ice flake maker AF 206 XSafe20095060950605108319.580 043
 Ice flake maker EF 10312055030592622107819.580 045
 Ice flake maker EF 1241225104095060587219.580 046
 Ice flake maker EF 15616059060950605108319.580 047
 Ice flake maker EF 20620095060950605108319.580 048
 Ice flake maker MF 26*140500 56453653119.580 009
 Ice flake maker MF 36*200900 56453653119.580 016
 Reservoir SB 193 for MF 26/MF 36  129569845104819.580 010
 Reservoir SB 393 for MF 26/MF 36 incl. cover adapter  181769850104819.580 049
* without reservoir

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