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Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code

For the storage and transport of photosensitive substances. With easy-to-read graduation and large labelling field for easy identification. UV protection up to approx. 500 nm wavelength. 10 ml and 25 ml with specially shaped glass rim for better pouring, thus an additional pouring ring made of plastic is not necessary.

  • ISO 4796-1
  • USP standard
  • Retrace code
  • Autoclavable

Please order screw cap and pouring ring separately.
Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code

Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code
 Nominal capacity
 10Prod.No.9.072 18336.050.0-25 GL1
 25Prod.No.9.071 97936.070.0ISO 4796-125 GL1
 50Prod.No.9.071 98046.087.0ISO 4796-132 GL1
100Prod.No.9.071 98156.0100.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 150Prod.No.9.071 68662.0105.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
250Prod.No.9.071 98270.0138.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 500Prod.No.9.071 98386.0176.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 750Prod.No.9.071 68795.0203.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
1000Prod.No.9.071 984101.0225.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 2000Prod.No.9.071 985136.0260.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 3500Prod.No.9.071 688160.0295.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
5000Prod.No.9.071 987182.0330.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 10000Prod.No.9.071 988227.0410.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 15000Prod.No.7.021 486268.0445.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
 20000Prod.No.9.071 989288.0505.0ISO 4796-145 GL1
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