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Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, DURAN® amber glass

Temperature-resistant, bottle can be used up to 500°C (for short periods), screw cap and pouring ring up to 140°C. Protects light-sensitive media from light wavelengths between 200nm to 470nm. Unaffected DURAN® properties within the bottle, as colour is only applied on the outer surface. Very uniform, durable and chemically resistant amber colour due to innovative technology. With 80mm wide mouth screw thread. Ideal for applications with powders and granules, easy filling and emptying. Neutral glass/Type I glass acc. to USP/EP and JP. With Retrace Code (Batch Identification). Certificate available via the Internet. Autoclavable.
Thread:GLS 80
Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, DURAN® amber glass

Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, DURAN® amber glass
 Nominal capacity
 250Prod.No.9.071 89995.0105.51
 500Prod.No.9.284 516101.0148.01
1000Prod.No.9.284 517101.0218.01
2000Prod.No.9.284 518136.0248.01
 3500Prod.No.9.071 968160.0271.01
5000Prod.No.9.284 519182.0310.01
 10000Prod.No.9.284 520227.0385.01
 20000Prod.No.9.284 521288.0480.01
Connection system for wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®DWK Life Sciences GmbH (Duran)
Screw caps for wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, PPDWK Life Sciences GmbH (Duran)
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