Cardboard Slide Trays

Features thumb cut for easy slide removal. Cardboard slide trays hold standard slides. The horizontal compartments are recessed to protect the specimens when the cover is closed.
With closure:No
Slides (WxD):76 x 26 mm
Cardboard Slide Trays

Cardboard Slide Trays
 No. of slidesColourDimens­ions
20Prod.No.9.161 295Black208 x 341 x 9 mm1
 30Prod.No.9.161 296Black281 x 328 x 10 mm1
 20Prod.No.9.161 297Blue208 x 341 x 9 mm1
 20Prod.No.9.161 298Green208 x 341 x 9 mm1
 20Prod.No.9.161 302Red208 x 341 x 9 mm1

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