Syringe filters Puradisc™, glass fiber

Syringe filters Puradisc™, glass fiber

Syringe filters Puradisc™, glass fiber

Syringe filters are suitable for rapid sample filtration and are used in a variety of applications, such as capillary electrophoresis, protein filtration, and UV spectroscopy sample preparation. With female Luer lock inlet.

For the ready-to-use filter units, only virgin raw material is used. This ensures that there is no interaction with the sample to be filtered, provided that the units are used properly. The filter units are intended for laboratory use only.

Note: If syringes with a volume <10 ml are used, a pressure could be created which exceeds the max. operating pressure (700 kPa/7 bar) of the filter unit.
Hydrophilic membrane suitable for pre-filtration.

  • Housing made of PP
  • Outlet male Luer cone
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C
Connetion inlet:Luer-Lock female
Connetion outlet:Luer-Slip male
 TypeMembrane Ø
Pore size
Filter area
PKCat. No.
 GMF 0.45130,451.35006.239 399
 GF/F 0.7130,71.31009.951 278
 GF/B 1.0131,01.31006.224 873
 GF/C™ 1.2131,21.31009.951 276
 GF/A 1.6131,61.31009.951 275
 GF/A 1.6131,61.35006.276 288
 GF/D 2.7132,71.31009.951 277
 0.7 GF/F250,74.2506.802 532
 0.7 GF/F250,74.22006.302 679
 0.7 GF/F250,74.210007.653 475
 1.0 GD 1251,04.21006.800 106
 1.0 GD 1251,04.210006.283 059
 2.0 GD 2252,04.21006.240 069

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