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Syringe filter CHROMAFIL®, regenerated Cellulose (RC)

The syringe filters are used for filtration of suspended matter from liquid samples and are certified for HPLC. Standard CHROMAFIL syringe filters are color coded. CHROMAFIL Xtra syringe filters are labeled for method validation and certification. All CHROMAFIL syringe filters are autoclavable (121 °C and 1.1 bar for 30 min).
Hydrophilic membrane with very low adsorption for aqueous and organic/aqueous liquids i.e. polar and medium polar sample solutions. Binding capacity for proteins 84µg/25mm filter.
Connetion inlet:Luer-Lock female
Syringe filter CHROMAFIL®, regenerated Cellulose (RC)

Syringe filter CHROMAFIL®, regenerated Cellulose (RC)
 TypeMembrane Ø
Pore size
 CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.6.287 308130.20Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.6.287 309130.45Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 025150.20Minispike100
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.4.003 399150.20Minispike800
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 026150.45Minispike100
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.4.003 400150.45Minispike800
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 042250.20Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 043250.20Luer-Slip male400
CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.4.003 424250.20Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.4.003 425250.20Luer-Slip male400
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 044250.45Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL®Prod.No.9.049 046250.45Luer-Slip male400
 CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.4.003 426250.45Luer-Slip male100
 CHROMAFIL® XtraProd.No.6.233 891250.45Luer-Slip male400
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