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9.110 236

9.110 236

Gas sampling tubes, DURAN® tubing

Made of DURAN® tubing. Available with or without nozzle (with thread GL and septa), with two one-way stopcocks NS14 (with retaining device), connections: capillary tube (outer dia. 8mm, inner dia. 2.7mm), glass olive (outer dia. 8mm), with inscription label. Also available with PUR coating.
body diam.
Length*PKCat. No.
 Without sampling connections1504215519.110 215
Without sampling connections3505420019.110 220
 Without sampling connections5006522019.110 225
 Without sampling connections10008526019.110 230
 With sampling connections, GL 141504215516.243 069
With sampling connections, GL 143505420019.110 236
 With sampling connections, GL 145006522019.110 237
 With sampling connections, GL 1410008526017.623 930
* Body length (mm)

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