Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitor AX60

Gas warning device for precise measurement of the amount of CO2 in the air. 3 alarm settings factory set: Time-weighted average (TWA) alarm (5000 ppm; 0.5% CO2), Low alarm (15,000 ppm; 1.5% CO2) and High alarm (30,000 ppm; 3% CO2)
  • No calibration required (unless local regulations state otherwise)
  • Very long life sensor can last up to 15 years
  • Up to 4 x CO2sensors and 8 x CO2 alarms can be used per Central Display Unit
  • Supplied with a relay on each alarm which can be used to trigger ventilation, extraction or a building management system
  • Easy installation and maintenance can be conducted by the user
  • Additional (quick connect) CO2 sensors and alarms available if more than one entrance to the laboratory or more than one risk area
  • Assists in compliance with Exposure Limit regulations such as EH40

Scope of delivery: wall-mounted central display unit, CO2 sensor and CO2 alarm which can provide an early warning of a CO2 leak.
Range :
Accuracy :
0.1 to 5 % CO2
+/- 5 % of alarm setpoint
Alarm intensity :88 dbA
Monitor Display :16 digit 2 line LCD in ppm
TWA Alarm :5,000 ppm (0.5 %) over 8 hours
CO2 Alarms :15,000 ppm (1.5 %) and 30,000 ppm (3 %)
Operating Temperature :-5 to 50 °C
Central Unit Dimensions :175 x 110 x 75 mm
Sensor & Alarm Dimensions :72 x 170 x 45 mm
IP Rating :IP55 (IP54 Central Display Unit)
Warranty :5 years for electronics and sensor
Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitor AX60

Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitor AX60
 AX60 CO2 Safety MonitorProd.No.6.284 2621
 Additional CO2 Sensor (Max 4 per Central Display Unit)Prod.No.6.284 2631
 Additional CO2 Alarm (Max 8 per Central Display Unit)Prod.No.6.284 2641
 Optional Sensor Protector Kit: Protector bar, splashguard and fixing kitProd.No.6.284 2651

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