Rotating joint grease, silicone-free, Alsirol

Silicone-free stopcock grease. No silicone derivatives, polymerisation or gumming. Excellent adhesion and viscosity. Stable grease film enables safe, long term use. Low heat-up occurs during rotation even if operation is continuous. When sealing glassware systems with glass and metal stirrers and shafts Alsirol protects rotating, precision-ground sockets and stirring shafts against glass abrasion. Also suitable for lubricating rotating metal and glass components. Acid and alkali resistant. For use under vacuum and high vacuum. Biodegradable. Non-toxic in normal use.
Working temperature range:-40 ... 200°C
Vapour pressure:0.00001 mbar
Rotating joint grease, silicone-free, Alsirol

Rotating joint grease, silicone-free, Alsirol
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