Safety Eyeshields uvex astrospec 9168

  • Unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Superlight, weight 36g
  • With Uvex Duo-flex® frame for maximum comfort
  • 3-position adjustable lens
  • 4 adjustable side-arm lengths with built-in pull-out stops
  • Lens made from impact resistant polycarbonate , 100% UV protection
  • Integral side shields

Coating of the lens
1. uvex supravision sapphire: excellent scratch and chemical resistance
2. uvex supravision plus: anti-fog lens and scratch resistant
3. uvex supravision excellence: outside scratch-resistant, inside non-fogging
Safety Eyeshields uvex astrospec 9168

Safety Eyeshields uvex astrospec 9168
 Black/limeProd.No.6.280 399clear/UV 400, 2C-1.231
 Blue/light blueProd.No.6.280 400clear/UV 400, 2C-1.211
 Black/greenProd.No.4.658 279gray/UV 400 + IR, 4uvex infradur plus1
 Black/grayProd.No.6.273 506clear/UV 40021
 Back/orangeProd.No.4.679 269grey UV 400, 5-2,511
 Black/yellowProd.No.6.286 705amber/UV 400, 2C-1.231
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