Heating bath liquid, BUDDE

Heating bath liquid, BUDDE

Heating bath liquid, BUDDE

BUDDE heating bath liquid can be used continuously as a heating medium up to approx. 170 °C. Higher temperatures (below flash point) are possible, but will result in rapid darkening. The low pour point allows the bath liquid also to be used as a cooling medium. Mixtures with 10 % to 30 % water achieve best results.

The crucial advantages of BUDDE heating bath liquid compared to
the oils or other organic liquid mainly used are:
  • accidental spillage of water into the bath does not lead to dangerous spitting at temperatures over 100 °C, as the water dissolves in the heating bath liquid and subsequently evaporates safely
  • BUDDE heating bath liquid can easily be rinsed away with water which eases cleaning of laboratory equipment, e.g. distillation flasks, and also bench or floor if the bath liquid is accidentally spilled.
  • BUDDE heating bath liquid does not foam when mixed with water.

Viscosity on addition of water:
BUDDE heating bath liquid is quite viscous at ambient or low temperatures, and therefore sometimes difficult to dispense. The addition of 10-20 % water reduces the viscosity and enables easier handling. If the mixture is then heated to 100 °C, the water evaporates without boiling. Further heating is only shortly delayed by this. Before next heating, water can be added again.

Water solubility: BUDDE heating bath liquid can be mixed with water in any ratio. The hardness of the water has no effect on the bath liquid.
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