Gas-tight Barrel pump

Gas-tight Barrel pump

Gas-tight Barrel pump

With flexible discharge tubing for drawing off into larger canisters and containers. Convenient liquid transfer as the canister can be left standing on the floor. The connection cone is pressed against the canister manually.

The pump is fitted with a gas-displacement device for odour-free, liquid transfer. The pump can be hermetically sealed with 2 ball valves for odour-free liquid transfer using the gas-displacement method.
  • parts in contact with media: AISI 304 stainless steel, PTFE, nickel-plated brass, conductive PA.
  • with barrel screw joint, 2" thread
  • for bottle openings 16 to 49 mm
  • 32 mm dia. immersion tube

Not suitable for acetone!
ml / pass
PKCat. No.
 Pump with discharge hose and stopcock33057019.001 376
 Pump with discharge hose and stopcock54091019.001 377

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