Digital burettes, Top Burette

Bottle-top digital burettes with safety valve, telescopic filling tube, variable discharge tubes, 3 adapters for reservoir bottles with 40/38/32 mm diameter screwthreads and 2 x 1.5V micro batteries.
  • Continuous and pulse-free dispensing technology for rapid titration
  • Patented safety valve for burette priming without loss of reagent
  • Power supply from long-life batteries with remaining charge displayed
  • Dispensing range from 0.01 ml to 999.9 ml
  • Electronics are removable as single unit
  • Servicing-friendly modular construction
  • Simple calibration programme
  • Discharge tube rotates 360°
  • Variable discharge tubes are individually adjustable
horizontally 142 to 220 mm
vertically 10 to 200 mm
  • Telescopic filling tube for automatic length adjustment from 210 to 370 mm
  • Connector for drying tube.
Digital burettes, Top Burette

Digital burettes, Top Burette
Top Burette MProd.No.9.863 0302500 per rotation1
Top Burette HProd.No.9.863 0315000 per rotation1
 Drying tubeProd.No.9.863 034 1
Accessories for Top BuretEppendorf SE
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