Tube Rack Adapt-a-Rack™, POM

Tube Rack Adapt-a-Rack™, POM

Tube Rack Adapt-a-Rack™, POM

Capable of holding different size tubes in each available slot as the well literally adapts to your tube size to hold firming in an upright position. The design enables you to hold 12 to 30mm (5 to 50ml) tubes simultaneously and still allow full viewing of the tube label. Racks can be linked together for additional holding capacity. Autoclavable. Dimensions (W x D x H): 181 x 56 x 76mm
 ColourArrayPKCat. No.
 Blue/Green424.657 434
 Blue/Yellow424.674 952
 Pink/White424.674 953
 Pink/Pink426.287 302
 Yellow/Yellow426.287 303
 Blue/Blue429.194 027
 Green/Green429.194 028
 White/White429.194 029

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