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Automated cell Counter EVE™ Plus

EVE™ Plus is a benchtop automatic cell counter designed to accurately and precisely measure cell count and viability of different cell cultures. It uses the standard trypan blue technique.
  • Fine distinction of clumped cells: Accurate results with advanced analysis algorithm
  • Touch screen interface
  • Auto save function up to 500 results
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi
  • Acoustic signal after each count
Manual counting time:1 second or less
Auto focus counting time:10 seconds or less
Measuring range:1 x 104 ~ 2 x 107cells / ml
Zählbarer Zellgrößenbereich:5 ~ 60 µm
4.669 246

4.669 246
Automated cell Counter EVE™ PlusProd.No.4.669 2461
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