Connection cables

For connecting pH electrodes with built-in temperature sensors and MultiPin™ plug head or S7 plug head (without temperature sensor). Suitable for a wide range of measuring devices from different manufacturers.
Connection cables

Connection cables
 Electrode headConnectorLength
S7Prod.No.9.041 634DIN1.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 657DIN3.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 658DIN5.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 613BNC1.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 636BNC3.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 654BNC5.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 6622 mm1.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 6614 mm1.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 664Lemo 001.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 656BNC IP671.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 663RCA1.21
S7Prod.No.9.041 668-3.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 669-5.01
S7Prod.No.9.041 670-10.01
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 611BNC/RCA (Cinch)1.21
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 639BNC/RCA (Cinch)3.01
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 642BNC/RCA (Cinch)5.01
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 651BNC/RCA (Cinch) IP671.81
MultiPin™Prod.No.6.282 405BNC/1 x 4 mm1.21
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 649DIN/RCA1.21
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 637DIN 19262/1 x 4 mm1.21
MultiPin™Prod.No.9.041 650Lemo 00/2 x 4 mm1.21
Suitable for:
Combined redox electrodesMettler-Toledo GmbH (Waagen)
Combined redox electrodes InLab®Mettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH combination electrode InLab® SolidsMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab® ExpertMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab® Micro Pro ISMMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab®MicroMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab®ScienceMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab®Science Pro ISMMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab®Semi-MicroMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrode InLab®SurfaceMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrodes for measurements in aqueous and non-aqueous mediaMettler-Toledo GmbH (Waagen)
pH electrodes InLab®ReachMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrodes InLab®Routine SeriesMettler-Toledo Online GmbH
pH electrodes InLab®Viscous/Viscous Pro-ISMMettler-Toledo Online GmbH

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