pH electrode InLab® Expert Pro

pH electrode with chemically resistant PEEK shaft and open junction for general applications in the laboratory and outdoors.

  • ARGENTHAL™ reference system with silver ion trap
  • Solid XEROLYT® reference electrolyte
  • With integrated temperature probe and fixed cable

ISM version: With automatic sensor recognition and storage of calibration history. Calibration data and probe ID are stored in the sensor and transmitted automatically to the measuring device
Temperature range:0 ... 100 °C
pH range:0 ... 14 pH
Electrolyte:XEROLYT® polymer
Diaphragm:open junction
Membrane resistance at 25 °C:< 250 MΩ
Connector:BNC/RCA (Cinch)
Length:120 mm
Ø:12 mm
9.041 506

9.041 506
InLab® Expert ProProd.No.9.041 506NTC 30 kΩ1.21
InLab® Expert Pro-ISMProd.No.9.041 508NTC 30 kΩ1.21
InLab® Expert Pro-2m-ISMProd.No.9.041 507NTC 30 kΩ21
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