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Refrigerator drawers AluCool® including dividers

High quality aluminium drawers including frame on smooth-running wheels with pull-out stop. Includes flexible dividing system with card pockets. Depending on the specific need, the dividing system allows the storage of drugs, blood and plasma with a space saving of up to 30 %. With a few simple steps, the flexible dividers are taken out and the drawer can be cleaned easily and hygienically.

The AluCool® drawers can be retrofitted at any refrigerator - to save and optimise valuable space.
Tool-free assembly without damaging the refrigerator interior.

Division: 3 channels with 12 universal dividers. Width of the channels can be changed in 1cm steps.
Refrigerator drawers AluCool® including dividers

Refrigerator drawers AluCool® including dividers
(W x D)
 AProd.No.9.698 980441 x 513FKU 1800, 18051
 BProd.No.9.698 981435 x 440FKUv 1610, 1613, 1660, 1663 / LKv 3910, 3913 / LKUexv 1610 / LKUv 1610, 1613 / LCv 4010 / GCv 4010, 4060 / MKv 3910,
3913 / MKUv 1610, 1613
Suitable for:
Pharmacy refrigerators MK, up to 2 °CLiebherr-Hausgeräte
Recirculating Air Refrigerator FKUv, up to +1 °CLiebherr-Hausgeräte
Spark-free laboratory refrigerators and freezers MediLine with comfort electronic controllerLiebherr-Hausgeräte

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