Precision balances Entris® II

  • Modern sensors ensure very fast stabilisation time
  • Automatic, internal calibration and adjustment function (isoCAL) for all "i" models
  • Weighing platform made of stainless steel
  • Excellent readability and operability with hybrid touch display
  • Automatic detection of connected Sartorius accessories
  • Direct data transfer to connected PCs with USB-C and RS232 interface without need of additional software
  • 12 integrated applications with GLP/GMP-compliant protocol
  • Easy to clean, high chemical resistance
  • Multilingual interface
All models also available as approved versions for EU/France.

Scope of supply: Precision balance, power supply unit, display protection cover
Weighing plate (WxD):182 x 182 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH):219 x 317 x 94 mm
Power supply:100 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Precision balances Entris® II

Precision balances Entris® II
 TypeMax. load
LinearityAdjusting programWeight
 BCE622-1SProd.No.4.669 1576200,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.31
 BCE622i-1SProd.No.4.669 1606200,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE822-1SProd.No.4.669 1818200,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.31
BCE822i-1SProd.No.4.669 1848200,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE1202-1SProd.No.4.669 10512000,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.31
 BCE1202i-1SProd.No.4.669 10812000,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE2201-1SProd.No.4.669 11322000,10,05±0,06 gExternal4.31
 BCE2201i-1SProd.No.4.669 11622000,10,05±0,06 gInternal6.21
 BCE2202-1SProd.No.4.669 11722000,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.31
 BCE2202i-1SProd.No.4.669 12022000,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE3202-1SProd.No.4.669 12932000,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.61
 BCE3202i-1SProd.No.4.669 13232000,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE4202-1SProd.No.4.669 13742000,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.61
 BCE4202i-1SProd.No.4.669 14042000,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE5201-1SProd.No.4.669 14552000,10,05±0,06 gExternal4.31
 BCE5201i-1SProd.No.4.669 14852000,10,05±0,06 gInternal6.21
 BCE6200-1SProd.No.4.669 149620010,5±0,6 gExternal4.31
 BCE6200i-1SProd.No.4.669 152620010,5±0,6 gInternal6.21
 BCE6202-1SProd.No.4.669 15362000,010,005±0,006 gExternal4.61
 BCE6202i-1SProd.No.4.669 15662000,010,005±0,006 gInternal6.21
 BCE8200-1SProd.No.4.669 173820010,5±0,6 gExternal4.31
 BCE8200i-1SProd.No.4.669 176820010,5±0,6 gInternal6.21
 BCE8201-1SProd.No.4.669 17782000,10,05±0,06 gExternal4.31
 BCE8201i-1SProd.No.4.669 18082000,10,05±0,06 gInternal6.21
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