Dräger Aerotest Alpha

The Dräger Aerotest Alpha allows the quality of breathing air supplied by a compressor or compressed gas cylinder to be determined. Use of the test system performs a reliable check in accordance with the breathing air standard EN 12 021.

Dräger Aerotest Alpha
comprising of 1 pressure reducer, measuring device for 4 tubes, impactor adapter, coupling, barbed nipple, stopwatch, tube opener Dräger TO 7000, bubble test hose, pack of 5 sintered filters, instruction for use, transport case (black)

Dräger Aerotest Alpha, with Dräger Tubes :
Dräger Aerotest Alpha
+ box of 10 Dräger Oil Impactors,
+ box of 10 Dräger-Tubes carbon dioxide (CO2) 100/a-P,
+ box of 10 Dräger-Tubes carbon monoxide (CO) 5/a-P,
+ box of 10 Dräger-Tubes water vapor (H2O) 20/a-P
Dimensions of carrying case (L x W x H)350 x 300 x 85 mm
Weight, including contentsapprox. 3.0 kg
Max. supply pressure
Supply pressure (set on delivery)
15 bar
3.0 bar
Pressure gauge0.3 to 15 bar
Connection for compressed air supplybarbed nipple 9 mm
Flow rate0.2 and 4.0 l/min
7.629 381

7.629 381
 Dräger Aerotest AlphaProd.No.6.241 2271
 Dräger Aerotest Alpha, with Dräger TubesProd.No.7.629 3811
 Oil-impactorProd.No.6.241 22510
 Carbon monoxide 5/a-PProd.No.6.801 97710
 Carbon dioxide 100/a-PProd.No.6.801 97810
 Water Vapor 5/a-PProd.No.6.087 70310
 Water vapour 20/a-pProd.No.6.801 97910
 Oil 10/a-PProd.No.6.078 27910

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