Disposal Cartons for Broken Glass

  • Safe puncture resistant receptacles for broken glassware
  • Reduces chances for accidents
  • Clearly labeled, dedicated containers available in 2 sizes: floor model: 18kg of waste; bench top: 5.5kg
  • Lined with a 50 micron, clear polyethylene bag to store
  • Printed in four languages: English, German, French, Spanish

Reusable cover for floor model:
Reusable safety cover for glass disposal carton. Dishwasher-safe and autoclave-safe. The Disposal Carton Cover opens quickly and easily by pressing the built-in release tab. Please do not dispose but reuse for the next glass disposal carton.
Disposal Cartons for Broken Glass

Disposal Cartons for Broken Glass
(W x D x H)
 Disposal cartons for broken glass, floor modelProd.No.6.236 025300 x 300 x 6906
 Disposal cartons for broken glass, benchtopProd.No.9.264 190200 x 200 x 2506
 Cover for glass disposal cartons with 300 x 300 mm openingProd.No.9.264 191-1

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