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EN 511
EN 511
EN 388
EN 388
EN 420
EN 420

Protection Gloves Cryo Gloves® Waterproof shoulder length

For protecting hands and arms when working in very low temperatures down to approx. -196 °C. Available in wrist-, underarm-, elbow- and shoulder-length versions.

  • For work in ultra-low freezers
  • For working with dry ice at -79° C
  • Working in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen (without direct contact with liquid nitrogen)
  • According to EN 511, EN 420, EN 388, Cat.III
  • Pack of 1 pair

Attention: Not suitable for immersion in cryogenic liquids.
The original Waterproof CRYO-GLOVES® ensure safe handling of cryogenic liquefied gases. The Waterproof version is 100% waterproof and additionally equipped with a seamless, thermal inner glove that draws moisture away from the hands so that work can be carried out comfortably for longer periods.

Caution: Not suitable for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids!
Max. temperature resistance:196 °C
 Glove sizeLength
PKCat. No.
 M70019.405 137
 L70019.405 138
 XL70019.405 139

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