Heating circulators

Good things come in small packages! Thanks to their low bath volumes the models CC-104A und KISS-104A (with polycarbonate bath) as well as the CC-202C and KISS-202C (with stainless steel bath) are especially suitable for controlling the temperature of small external applications. All models are fitted with rear mounted M16 x 1 pump connections as standard. Models with the Pilot ONE have a speed regulated pressure/suction pump. The temperature constancy, in accordance with DIN12876, is 0.02 K with the Compatible Control models and 0.05 K for the KISS models. Models CC-202C and KISS-202C are fitted with an integrated cooling coil as standard. With the models CC-104A and KISS-104A the cooling coil is an optional extra.
Temperature range

(15) 25 to 100 °C
(-30) 45 to 200 °C
Temp. Stability to DIN 12876
KISS models:

0.02 K
0.05 K
Safety class:FL, III
Bath depth:150 mm
Heating capacity:2 kW
Bath opening:Ø 25 mm
Heating circulators

Heating circulators
 TypeSuction pump
L/min bar
Pressure pump
L/min bar
(W x D x H)
 CC-104AProd.No.9.859 21322 / 0.427 / 0.7147 x 235 x 3301
 CC-202CProd.No.9.859 22022 / 0.427 / 0.7178 x 260 x 3551
 KISS-202CProd.No.6.272 34410,5 / 0.1714 / 0.25178 x 260 x 3551
 KISS-104AProd.No.6.288 87110,5 / 0.1714 / 0.25147 x 234 x 3291
Immersion circulators KISS E and CC-EPeter Huber Kältemaschinenbau
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