Accessories for Smart Cooling Hub 
Commercial refrigerators, up to +2 °C 
Deep Freezer GGU, up to -26 °C 
Freezers GN series, up to -28 °C 
Laboratory chest freezers, series LGT, up to -45 °C 
Laboratory refrigerators and freezers LKPv / LGPv with professional electronic controller, up to -2 °C / -35 °C 
Laboratory refrigerators LKv / LKUv and laboratory fridge-freezer LCv, up to 3 °C / -30 °C 
Pharmacy refrigerators MK, up to 2 °C 
Recirculating Air Refrigerator FKUv, up to +1 °C 
Refrigerator MRFvc Performance 
Smart Cooling Hub 
SmartDevice Box for freezers GN series 
Spark-free laboratory refrigerators and freezers MediLine with comfort electronic controller, up to 3 °C / -30 °C 
Spark-free laboratory refrigerators LKexv, up to +1 °C 
Ultra-low temperature freezer, SUFsg 5001/ SUFsg 7001, up to -86 °C