2D Barcode Reader VisionMate" High Speed 
2D Barcode Reader VisionMate" SR for single racks 
2D Barcode Reader VisionMate" ST for single tubes 
8-channel Decapper for screw cap tubes 
Automatic Plate Heat Sealer ALPS 5000 
Automation Reservoirs Matrix", PP 
Capping systems Matrix" SepraSeal 
Manual Heat Sealer for Microplates ALPS 50V 
Plate sealer SuperSealer 
Racks for storage tubes Matrix" with 2D-Code, without tubes 
Reagent Reservoirs Matrix", PS, sterile 
Screw Cap Trays for Storage Tubes Matrix" 
Screw caps for storage tubes Matrix", PP 
Storage tubes Matrix" with 2D barcode and coloured screw cap, sterile 
Storage tubes Matrix" with 2D barcode and screw cap, sterile 
Storage Tubes Matrix" with 2D barcode, up to -20 °C 
Storage tubes Matrix" with 2D barcode, without screw cap, sterile