Accessories for disinfectant stand WEDO® 
Desk Magnifier POCKET with LED light 
Disinfectant stand WEDO® Set 1, for bottles 
Disinfectant stand WEDO® Set 2, for Euromat dispensers 
Electronic letter scale 
Handheld magnifier with illumination, LED 
LED hand-held Magnifier 
Rectangle Magnifier with LED Light 
Roller Steps, WEDO-Step 
Round Magnifier 
Safety Cutter CERA-Safeline® ALU with ceramic blades 
Safety Cutter CERA-Safeline® COMPACT with ceramic blades 
Tablet Pen WEDO® 
Trapezoid Ceramic Blades CERA-Safeline® 
TRIZETTE® - Magnifier tweezer with LED light 
Universal scissors, stainless steel, plastic handle